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Before it Breaks (14/?)


Author: resile
Rating: Teen
Ten x Rose x Tentoo
Summary: The walls between the universes close before the TARDIS reaches Bad Wolf Bay and the two Doctors and Rose have to learn how to relate to each other now that everything’s changed.
Words: ~4,200
Betas: rointheta, aimtoallonsy, and a bit o’ scullywolf.
Note: I’d like to remind everyone that this fic is named after an amazing song and you should listen to it sometime. 

Rose awakened slowly as the artificial light in her room stirred her to consciousness. The first thing that she noticed was that she was very warm. Almost too warm, in that way where sweat threatened to form, any second, on her back and forehead. She was buried in the duvet, covered in it like a burrito, up to her chin. 

As she blinked her eyes open and looked down, she saw a lightly haired, lightly freckled arm across her waist, and it all came flooding back. Her breath hitched. She caught the reaction, stifled it, not wanting to wake him, as she could feel him behind her, breath slow and steady. 

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, snuggling back into his embrace and letting the quiet of the moment pour over her. For several long seconds Rose felt nothing but warmth, love, happiness — radiating from his warm body right into her own. Then, the prior day’s events hit her and she had to bite her lip to keep her eyes from stinging. 

How could she ever be happy here when the other Doctor was alone?

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David Tennant [14 of 33]       ↳ a study in eye crinkles for weeping-who-girl


David Tennant [14 of 33]
       ↳ a study in eye crinkles for weeping-who-girl

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the idiot's lantern
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Idek I felt like doing a lame 10 minute doodle of Ten so yeeeee


Idek I felt like doing a lame 10 minute doodle of Ten so yeeeee

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billie + david on the set of “fear her”

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Tenth Doctor in The Stolen Earth and Journey’s end

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Doctor Who Confidential: David Tennant Per Episode

Music and Monsters

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pink + black and white
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David Tennant as DI Alec Hardy - Broachurch (ep.8 - finale)

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Providential Contingency (19/21)


Summary: What if Rose got more than she bargained for when she started traversing the multi-verse? How many men can possibly share the same face?

Note: The rating has gone up with this chapter. Just fyi. 

Co-Author - tennantmeister
Thank you weeping-who-girl and moltobenebananas for the beta help!

Ao3 | Teaspoon

Chapter 19

Rose woke with Peter’s warm body spooned behind her the next morning, thankful it hadn’t all been a dream. Peter decided he was due for some time off work and spent the next two days acting as Rose’s own personal tour guide; showing her his childhood home, the school he went to, the local park where he had his first fist fight at the age of 13 (as well as his first kiss two years later), and finally taking her to see where his parents were buried. 

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